TechNETropia Ltd combines the Art with the Networking Technologies, in a such way where we can extensively and illimitably produce, create, organize, manage, share, distribute and enjoy the Audio-Visual content.

TechNETropia Ltd is an avant-garde company, based in Agios Nikolaos, Crete. It was formed as a unit of promotion of innovative technologies and applications and from the beginning managed to collect major experience in specialized Information Technologies applications, in the following fields:
- The Design, Development and Materialization of Specialized Innovative Interactive Applications for Promotion and Distribution of Audio-Visual Content.
- The Pre and Post Production of Interactive Audio-Visual Content.
- The Research and Development in the Topics of Interest of the Company.

The company participates in the preparation, submission and the successful fulfillment of researching and investing projects from which it has empowered its technical Know-How and has acquired a specialized experience and know-how in audio-visual productions of multi-camera spherical video.

Based on the above projects, the company also acquired a basic infrastructure for the full production of multi-level interactive applications of spherical video which is a brand new portfolio of products for the viewers. The target of the company is to continually expand its infrastructure and as a result to be totally productive, capable and competitive so as to deal with whatever size of projects of the worldwide market which will occur.

The company which now has a major and totally specialized know-how of the complete services of Interactive Digital A/V Content which is the next big thing of Worldwide Music & Entertainment Industry, focuses on being fully competitive in the worldwide market. The services which the company offers in this specialized sector include the Pre Production, the Post Production, the Development and the Commercial Distribution of the Interactive Multi-camera Video (Mativision). TechNETropia Ltd that now targets in the worldwide market, communicates and promote the above specialized and competitive Services to the most major companies and groups of the Entertainment Market worldwide.

The basic goals of the company are:
- The continuous activity of the company in even more innovative products with higher added value than the already existing.
- The penetration of the company in the worldwide market and the continuous enhancement and reinforcement of its competitive worldwide presence.